Category Types Covered

Legionella Risk Assessment Services
 - Hot and Cold Water Services
 - Healthcare Risk Assessment
Hot and Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services
Cleaning and Disinfection Services
Training Services
Legionella Analytical Services
 - Sampling
 - Laboratory Analysis
 - Interpretation of Analysis
Plant and Equipment Services
 - Installation
 - Refurbishment
 - Servicing
 - Design and Supply

Quality Assurance

Regions Covered

Yorkshire & Humberside
West Midlands
South West
Eastern Region
North East
North West
South East
East Midlands
Channel Islands

Artius Property Protection Limited T/A Aquastat
Unit N The Old Parlour
Purn House Farm
Bleadon, Weston-super-Mare
BS24 0QE

Tel: 01934 811264

Company Overview

Artius Property Protection Limited T/A Aquastat, main Legionella control business activities, as defined by the LCA, are:-

(1) Legionella Risk Assessment Services  

(2) Hot & Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services  

(3) Cleaning and Disinfection Services  

(4) Training Services  

(5) Off site Analytical Services  

(6) Plant and Equipment Services  (including installation, refurbishment, servicing, design & supply)

The Managing Director has ultimate control over Aquastat’s water treatment hygiene activities.

The General Manager and the Office Manager have day-to-day responsibility for the company’s compliance with the Code of Conduct service provider commitments.