Category Types Covered

Legionella Risk Assessment Services
 - Hot and Cold Water Services
 - Healthcare Risk Assessment
Hot and Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services
Cleaning and Disinfection Services
Training Services
Legionella Analytical Services
 - Sampling
 - Laboratory Analysis
 - Interpretation of Analysis
Plant and Equipment Services
 - Installation
 - Refurbishment
 - Servicing
 - Design and Supply

Quality Assurance

Regions Covered

Yorkshire & Humberside
West Midlands
South West
Eastern Region
North East
North West
South East
East Midlands
Channel Islands

Artius Property Protection Limited T/A Aquastat
Unit N The Old Parlour
Purn House Farm
Bleadon, Weston-super-Mare
BS24 0QE

Tel: 01934 811264

Company Overview

Artius Property Protection Limited T/A Aquastat, main Legionella control business activities, as defined by the LCA, are:-

  1.  Legionella Risk Assessment Services
  2. Water Treatment Services (including Chemicals, Dosing & Control Sytems, On-Site Analytical & Monitoring Services)
  3. Hot & Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services
  4. Cleaning and Disinfection Services  
  5. Independent consultancy services
  6. Training Services  
  7. Off site Analytical Services  
  8. Plant and Equipment Services  (including installation, refurbishment, servicing, design & supply)
The Managing Director has ultimate control over Aquastat’s water treatment hygiene activities.

The General Manager and the Office Manager have day-to-day responsibility for the company’s compliance with the Code of Conduct service provider commitments.