Category Types Covered

Legionella Risk Assessment Services
 - Hot and Cold Water Services
Hot and Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services
Cleaning and Disinfection Services
Independent Consultancy Services
Training Services
Legionella Analytical Services
 - Sampling
 - Laboratory Analysis
 - Interpretation of Analysis
Plant and Equipment Services
 - Installation
 - Refurbishment
 - Servicing

Quality Assurance

Regions Covered

South West
Eastern Region
South East
East Midlands

P & W Water Hygiene Ltd
Innovation Centre Medway
Maidstone Road

Tel: 01634 722175

Company Overview

P & W Water Hygiene Ltd, established in 2015 by two directors with sound experience, delivers water hygiene services to Hospitals, Councils, housing associations and commercial buildings. P&W take the time to understand our clients’ needs and deliver unbiased advice and services that ensure compliance with best practice. With regard to LCA controlled services we operate in the following areas: -

    Legionella risk assessment

Hot & Cold water monitoring & inspection services

Cleaning and Disinfection of Domestic water systems

Independent Consultancy Services

Legionella training services (In-house & sub-contracted)

Legionella analytical services (UKAS Analysis)

Plant & Equipment services including installation, refurbishment and 

servicing  (In-house &