Category Types Covered

Cleaning and Disinfection Services
Legionella Analytical Services
 - Sampling
 - Laboratory Analysis
 - Interpretation of Analysis
Plant and Equipment Services
 - Installation
 - Refurbishment

Quality Assurance

Regions Covered

Yorkshire & Humberside
North East
North West

Process Mechanical Ltd
Pro-Mech House
Bolling Road

Tel: 012 7473 6866

Company Overview

Relevant to the Control of Legionella, Process Mechanical Ltd’s activities are limited to the installation and maintenance of hot and cold water systems in commercial and multi-occupied residential buildings and include cleaning and disinfection services to control the risk of exposure to legionella. 

The Scope includes Installation and Refurbishment of Plant and Equipment and The Scope also includes Temperature Monitoring but only for Contractual Purpose and not for when the Client site is live. 

The Company does not undertake works in relation to cooling towers or evaporative cooling systems of any kind.