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Legionella Risk Assessment Services

 - Hot and Cold Water Services Risk Assessment

Hot and Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services

Cleaning and Disinfection Services

 - Hot and Cold Water Systems Cleaning and Disinfection

Legionella Monitoring Services

 - Sampling

 - Interpretation of Analysis

Plant and Equipment Services

 - Design and Supply

 - Installation

 - Servicing/maintenance

 - Refurbishment

Company Overview

Seddon Construction Ltd carries out development, building, and maintenance services across the UK through a network of four regional offices. With a turnover in excess of £200 million, the company is a family-owned and managed business spanning five generations of the Seddon family.

The Mechanical Services Department carries out legionella risk assessments on Seddon maintained sites together with cleaning and disinfection of water tanks and systems using chlorine. This can be on existing tanks or new tanks and water systems that we have constructed. The department also undertakes monthly water temperature checks of hot and cold water services and carries out annual cleaning of hot water calorifiers along with Legionella Monitoring.

Seddon Construction Ltd carries out a variety of services related to our clients’ water system including:

  • Cleaning and disinfection Services.
  • Hot & Cold Water Monitoring & Inspection Services.
  • Risk Assessment Services.
  • Plant & Equipment Services
  • Analytical Services

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