LCA COVID Update Press Release

14th January 2021

Ongoing work During COVID-19 

As of January 2021 the majority of the country has returned to a strict lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Some workplaces that had reopened have now closed again and many of the empty building challenges for legionella control seen since March 2020 are ongoing.  

The LCA has published several guidance documents for our Members regarding their legionella control work under these challenging circumstances.  This guidance is still available and may still be useful for LCA Members.

Updated and revised LCA Guidance for Members Reopening Buildings version 2.

Keyworker advice for Members

Safe Management of Water Systems in Buildings During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Advice for LCA Members Taking Legionella Samples


Management of waterborne pathogens in dental care during the COVID-19 pandemic

HSE Bulletin - Legionella Risks During the Coronavirus Outbreak


LCA Auditing

The LCA expectation is that if Members are still operating their businesses, they will still be operating their management procedures for legionella control.  While we accept that there are additional pressures during the pandemic, we will still be auditing our Members by remote means and assessing compliance with the requirements of LCA membership.

Any changes to working practice to accommodate COVID-19, should be reflected in LCA Members’ written procedures and statement of compliance.