John Newbold

John has previously worked as a Principal Specialist Inspector with the Health & Safety Executive, accumulating a wealth of regulatory experience.  He was HSE’s Infectious Diseases Portfolio Holder which combined his microbiological knowledge and expertise with an important regulatory role.  In addition to his work with infectious diseases, John spent much of his time working in the field of Legionella control and was Chair of HSE’s Legionella Technical Working Group and a member of HSE’s Legionella Committee.  He also worked closely with a range of key Government departments and industry sectors and through extensive stakeholder engagement, regularly presented at key Industry events to promote compliance and raise awareness around legionella assessment and control.

John has a strong scientific and technical background, and is recognised as a regulatory expert in legionella and the development of operational and enforcement policies.

John has advised Government and professional bodies both within the UK and overseas, and was influential during his tenure in HSE in the development of key UK legionella guidance including his role as scientific and technical lead of the 2013 review and revision of L8: Approved Code of Practice, HSG274 legionella technical guidance and also HSG282 ‘Control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa pool systems. He has also contributed to the production of numerous Legionella-related guidance documents including Department of Health’s HTM0401, BS 8580:2010 and CIBSE’s TM13: 2013.

John has also acted as an expert witness in a number of Legionella cases, preparing expert witness statements.

John has worked closely with LCA and WMSoc over many years, specifically representing HSE on the LCA Management Committee.  Since leaving HSE in June 2016, John has become an independent consultant and undertakes a variety of work including that of an LCA assessor. 

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