The LCA directory lists all current registered member companies of the LCA. If a company is not listed, they are either not a member or their membership is suspended as part of an ongoing disciplinary process – please contact us on 01827 269063 if you have any queries on this. Please note that Member offices (addresses shown) are not always representative of where the member has staff or where they provide services, therefore, the address of the member’s office registered with the LCA does not dictate where they can deliver services

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A-Spec Environmental Ltd
AA Chemical Cleaning Company Limited
Absolute Cooling Tower Services Ltd
Acorn Environment Services Limited
Acorn Safety Services Ltd
Acquiesce Environmental Compliance Ltd
ACT Services & Maintenance Limited
acti-Chem UK Ltd
Active Water Services Ltd
ADI Environmental Limited
Advanced Water Technologies Limited
Airborne Environmental Consultants Limited
Airmec (H2O) Limited
Airtech Premier Ltd
AJK Services Limited
Alexandra Heating Services Limited
Allied Water Ltd
Alpha Scientific Limited trading as ADEY
ALS Laboratories (UK) Limited
Amalgamated Facilities Management Ltd
Anker Elemental Limited
APC Compliance Limited
Apleona Water Technology
Aqua Allies Ltd
Aqua B Group/LTM Compliance
Aqua Compliance Services Ltd
Aqua Environmental Services Ltd
Aqua Protec Limited
Aqua Services (UK) Limited
Aqua Technologies (Europe) Limited
AquaCare a brand name of South West Water Limited
Aquadition Limited
Aquafine (UK) Ltd
Aqualogic Limited
Aqualytix (inc MA Solutions)
Aquarius Water Solutions Limited
Aquasafe Building Services Engineers Limited
Aquaserv Limited
Aquate Consultancy Ltd
Aquatec Water Treatment Limited
Aquatech Environmental Services Ltd
Aquatech Water Treatment Ltd
Aquatide (Midlands) Limited
Aquatreat (Albanyoak Ltd)
Aquatronic Group Management Ltd
Aquatrust Water & Ventilation Limited
Aquavent Limited
Ara Environmental Ltd
ARA Environmental Solutions Limited
Artius Property Protection Limited T/A Aquastat
ASAP Comply Limited
Ashdale Engineering UK Ltd
Aspire Defence Services Limited
Assured Water Ltd
Assurity Consulting Limited