Who are our members?

The membership of the LCA comprises service providers, manufacturers, installers and consultancies which offer products and services associated with the control of legionella in water systems as listed below:

  • Legionella risk assessment
  • Water treatment
  • Hot and cold water monitoring and inspection
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Independent consultancy
  • Training
  • Off site analytical (Legionella)
  • Plant and equipment
  • Facilities management

The membership is now over 300 organisations who have satisfied the registration requirements of the LCA and re-register annually. Membership is voluntary but is seen across the industry as increasingly important in demonstrating a commitment to high standards of service. Many public and private tenders for water system services now require bidders to be registered with the LCA.

A Buyer's Guide To Using The Code Of Conduct For Service Providers

The Health & Safety Commission's document "Legionnaires' Disease, The control of legionella bacteria in water systems, Approved Code of Practice and Guidance" (L8) makes specific reference to the Code of Conduct for Service Providers and says that whilst it has no legal status it may give guidance to buyers about the standard of service they will receive from service providers who agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. This document is intended to explain to you how you, the buyer, can use the Code of Conduct to help select a competent service provider.

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Conditions of Compliance

There should be a clearly defined written agreement between the service provider* and the client* setting out the individual responsibilities of both parties to ensure compliance with current legislation. Service providers should demonstrate and document a satisfactory level of competence of their staff* in order to achieve the objectives of this document. The recommendations made by the service provider should be equal to, or better than, the relevant Codes of Practice and guidance documents pertaining to the system in question. Lines of communication and reporting between client and service provider should be defined as well as the management plan in the event of remedial or corrective action being required, including matters of evident concern outside contracted obligations. Adequate and up to date monitoring and treatment records should be kept. These should be readily available.

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Service Providers Commitments

1. Allocation of responsibilities
The service provider will:

explain in detail the client’s obligations under the Legionella legislation

  • identify those services covered by the contract and those which should be provided by the client to meet all current obligations
  • formalise a written agreement detailing the respective responsibilities for each requirement.

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Guide to LCA standards for service delivery
purpose of the standards:

These standards set out the minimum requirements for the delivery of services, listed below, related to the control of legionella in water systems. These standards together with this guide should be read in conjunction with the LCA Buyer's Guide. All standards can be downloaded from the LCA website.

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Preparation for a Statement of Compliance

The fundamental requirement of a Statement of Compliance is that the detail provided confirms that a service provider's operation fulfils the Service Provider Commitments of the LCA's Code of Conduct that are applicable to the business. The statement shall comprise a single concise document that demonstrates that the service provider complies and that there is substance to the claims of compliance. The Areas of Interest Sheet indicating the services offered forms part of the statement of compliance and must be signed, dated and attached to the Statement of Compliance. The Statement of Compliance should: be concise – approximately 3 or 4 pages, written in the present tense, in plain English and in an unambiguous manner.

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