Ian Wall

Since obtaining a degree in Chemistry at university, I have worked within the water treatment/water hygiene industry for over 33 years. Starting my career as a Service Chemist, within some of the renowned and larger water treatment organisations and culminating in being the Owner/Director of my own water treatment company (Eaton Environmental Services Ltd). Ultimately employing over 50 people and with well over 300 customers, servicing a wide range of industries. During this time, I have always had a hands-on involvement in almost all aspects of industrial water treatment and water hygiene. This has gained me both a technical understanding and the practical knowledge connected with almost all aspects of water treatment, encompassing L8 and all three parts of HSG 274.


I am a senior member of the Water Management Society and within my previous roles I have been integrally involved in developing and running operational systems to ensure compliance with the LCA Code of Conduct and Servicing Standards.

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