Committee Members

Yolla McCoy

Dr. Yolla McCoy is a water treatment industry expert with nearly three decades of experience in microbiology, analytical chemistry, quality control, health and safety, sustainability, marketing, and sales. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering with a specialization in Water Management and Resources from the University of Birmingham. Yolla’s career has encompassed roles in academia and industry, making her a versatile and accomplished professional.

Her expertise extends to critical areas such as controlling waterborne pathogens in healthcare settings and optimizing water treatment processes in industrial applications. She is also a passionate advocate for transdisciplinary research, believing that the integration of various scientific disciplines is key to advancing sustainable solutions. 

With a background in project management, technical support, and research and development, Dr. McCoy has consistently driven innovation and excellence in her field. She has authored numerous publications and actively collaborates with industry partners and academic institutes to drive innovation in the industrial water treatment sector.

In addition to her dedication to advancing science, sustainability and effective project management Yolla is an advocate for gender equality in all STEM fields, striving to shatter barriers and pave the way for greater inclusivity and diversity.

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