Committee Members

Linda Hannah

Linda Hannah serves as the Technical Manager at ClearFlow Water Treat, bringing more than 30 years of extensive experience in the Water Treatment and Legionella Control industry. Over the past two years in her role at ClearFlow, Linda has demonstrated a profound understanding of technical aspects and managerial responsibilities.
Linda holds a BTEC Higher National in Chemistry, showcasing her academic background in the field. Her commitment to safety is evident through her completion of DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) training and examinations.
In addition to her technical expertise, Linda has pursued professional development in leadership and management, earning a level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management. Her dedication to continuous learning and advancement is underscored by her membership in the Water Management Society, where she actively contributes as an elected council member.
Notably, as of December 2023, Linda has assumed the role of committee member for the Legionella Control Association, further demonstrating her commitment to industry standards and best practices.
Linda's wealth of experience, coupled with her educational achievements and active involvement in industry committees, positions her as a dynamic and knowledgeable professional in the realm of water treatment and Legionella control.

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