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Bio Search (N.I.) Limited

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Legionella Monitoring Services

 - Laboratory Analysis

Company Overview

Bio Search (N.I.) Ltd. is a microbiological and chemical testing facility, located in the Port of Belfast. Established in 1989, the company provides a range of independent analytical services to the agricultural, food, environmental and healthcare sectors. The company achieved accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service for the analysis of Drinking, swimming pool, cooling towers, process waters (including heating systems and condensers) waters for Legionella species, with confirmation of serogroups 1-15 in 2012 using an in-house documented method based on ISO 11731: 2017.  Legionella testing is carried out in a purpose built laboratory, which was developed on the present operational site. Other water matrices are subcontracted to accredited laboratories, thereby enabling Bio Search to provide a comprehensive service offering to the Legionella control industry. 

The company employs approximately 35 full time and part time staff and regularly seeks to recruit local graduate expertise. All technical staff are subject to internal procedures for training and monitoring of ongoing competence. They are also supported by an experienced senior management team. 

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