ESC Global Limited

ESC Global Limited

Unit 3 Potteric Carr Industrial Estate

Potteric Carr Road


South Yorkshire


Tel: 01302 360500


ISO 9001, 14001, 18001

Yorkshire & Humberside

West Midlands


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Legionella Risk Assessment Services

 - Hot and Cold Water Services Risk Assessment

 - Evaporative Cooling Systems Risk Assessment

 - Process and Other Systems Risk Assessment

 - Healthcare Risk Assessment

Water Treatment Services

 - Hot and Cold Water Systems Water Treatment

 - Evaporative Cooling Systems Water Treatment

 - Process and Other Systems Water Treatment

Hot and Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services

Cleaning and Disinfection Services

 - Hot and Cold Water Systems Cleaning and Disinfection

 - Evaporative Cooling Systems Cleaning and Disinfection

 - Process and Other Systems Cleaning and Disinfection

Independent Consultancy Services

Training Services

Legionella Monitoring Services

 - Sampling

 - Interpretation of Analysis

Plant and Equipment Services

 - Design and Supply

 - Installation

 - Servicing/maintenance

 - Refurbishment

Company Overview

ESC Global Ltd perform the following service - 

(1) Legionella Risk Assessment Services

1.1 Hot and Cold Water Services

1.2 Evaporative Cooling Systems

1.3 Process and Other Systems

1.4 Healthcare Risk Assessment

(2) Water Treatment Service

2.1 Chemicals

2.2 Dosing and/or Control Systems

2.3 On-site Analytical and Monitoring Services

(3) Hot and Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services

(4) Clean and Disinfection Services

(5) Independent Consultancy Services

(6) Training Service

(7) Legionella Analytical Services

7.1 Sampling

7.2 Laboratory Analysis

7.3 Interpretation of Analysis

(8) Plant and Equipment Services

8.1 Design and Supply

8.2 Installation

8.3 Servicing/Maintenance

8.4 Refurbishment


ESC Global Ltd use a UKAS accredited and LCA registered laboratory to carry out our sample analysis.

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