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Irrigonics Limited

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Legionella Risk Assessment Services

 - Hot and Cold Water Systems Risk Assessment

 - Healthcare Risk Assessment

Water Treatment Services

 - Hot and Cold Water Systems Water Treatment

Hot and Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services

Cleaning and Disinfection Services

 - Hot and Cold Water Systems Cleaning and Disinfection

Legionella Monitoring Services

 - Sampling

 - Interpretation of Analysis

Plant and Equipment Services

 - Design and Supply

 - Installation

 - Servicing/maintenance

 - Refurbishment

Company Overview

Irrigonics are experienced providers of Legionella management and control services who offer Legionella Risk Assessment, Water Treatment of Hot and Cold Water Systems, Hot and Cold Water Monitoring & Inspection, Cleaning & Disinfection Services, Legionella Monitoring Services and Plant & Equipment Services to their clients with regards to the control and management of Legionella bacteria in Hot and Cold Water Systems.

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