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October House Environmental Limited

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Hot and Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services

Cleaning and Disinfection Services

 - Hot and Cold Water Systems Cleaning and Disinfection

 - Evaporative Cooling Systems Cleaning and Disinfection

 - Process and Other Systems Cleaning and Disinfection

Company Overview

October House Environmental Limited have provided a range of Legionella Compliance Services since 1997, which includes cleaning and disinfection of commercial, industrial and process water systems such as cooling towers, chillers and condensers.  We also supply and install Cooling Tower Fill media, louvers and drift eliminators 

Within buildings we carry out water hygiene services of hot and cold water systems, again including Cleaning & Disinfection of tanks, monitoring, inspection and sampling, where testing which is carried out by Independent UKAS accredited micro labs. 

As a business, all work is carried out in-house by our own dedicated service teams, except for Laboratory Analysis, carried out by an LCA Accredited Member.

Our LCA Registration No is 2016/3321 commenced March 2017 which covers the following areas of interest Service Categories:

  1. Hot and cold water monitoring and inspection services
  2. Cleaning & Disinfection

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