Long Standing LCA Members

February 2022

Some of our members are long established companies and some have been involved in water treatment since before legionella was identified. We recently looked back at the figures on our membership and found that, while we have a steady stream of applicants, we also have a core of initial members that has remained with us since 1999/2000. The LCA does not exist to collect members, but these numbers do provide some reassurance that what we deliver is of value.




While there are some companies whose membership is terminated for disciplinary reasons, the majority of companies leaving the LCA are those moving away from legionella control, those merging or being taken over by other member companies or those winding down for retirement. Membership has been relatively balanced over the last five or so years with a very slow growth as only slightly more members join than leave, but for the most part, the LCA retains its members for the long term.