Remote Monitoring Guidance from the Water Management Society

May 2024

The Water Management Society (WMSoc) recently published the second part of its guidance on remote monitoring of water systems. The free to download document is titled Guidance for End Users on Remote Temperature Monitoring Systems - Part Two Interpretation and management of data. It provides some much needed guidance to end users on the what the data means, and considerations for how to use the data that these sensors provide in their schemes of control.

The guidance gives practical advice to end users of these types of systems and follows on from the initial advice given by the WMSoc in January 2023 regarding the selection of the Remote Monitoring Systems: Initial Guidance for End Users on Remote Temperature Monitoring Systems - Part One Considerations for implementation of systems. 

The LCA Service Delivery Standards do not exclude the use of these sensors to acquire data. The units are likely to be used in conjunction with the following standards as part of an on-going service provision:

  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Hot & Cold Monitoring & Inspection Services
  • Independent Consultancy

Where Members are utilising this technology, the LCA will expect them to have considered in their procedures how the process for installing sensors, managing, and interpreting their data fits within their service offering for legionella control.