Sustained Compliance

December 2022


The LCA exists to raise standards in our industry on an ongoing and sustained basis.  We are aware that there are a small minority, about 5%, of our members that have had repeated non-conformances year on year and, in some cases, past suspension of membership.  After consultation with our enforcement colleagues, we have analysed several metrics including:


  • Past suspension of LCA membership
  • Delays to LCA audit date 
  • Late audit responses following LCA audit
  • Complaints from end users
  • Repeat non-conformances against the code of conduct


These metrics have identified a small proportion of LCA members of concern, that do not have a good long-term record of sustained compliance with the LCA requirements.


In this LCA registration year (July 2022/2023) we have written to all members to make them aware of the process and to the identified members to make them aware they have been identified.  No further action will be taken by the LCA until July 2023.


Our intention for future years is to implement additional auditing and associated membership cost for higher risk members. 


These companies poor longer-term sustained compliance history by todays metric will attract additional audit scrutiny and associated additional cost (estimated at £1000 pa) in future years.  This may take the form of a half yearly in-depth audit.


For the vast majority, c. 95%, of our members, this measure will not apply.