Training Standard

January 2024

The revised LCA Service Delivery Standard for training launched on the 1st of July 2023 with no new requirements for Members.  

There are some minor changes to the detail in section D that brings the different service standards more in line with each other.  Members will need to make sure quotation and other communication templates used to deal with this part of the standard are updated.  

In auditing going forward we are moving away from non-legionella specific items and trying to focus attention on core issues.  If Members have any feedback on what is most important in the real world and where we should focus audit, please let us know.  The 2023 auditing document including checklists is available now with a highlighted changes version.

Common Failings 

One common failing we see in training is not following the process for scoping and delivery when the service is either included with other work, or given away.  Regardless of the method of compensation for delivery of training, it is still important to deliver it to an appropriate standard.

If you recognise the above in your work, check your process and procedure as soon as possible.