LCA Standards Sub Committee

September 2020

The LCA Standards Sub Committee was reconvened in 2019 to perform a root and branch review of all LCA documents and processes. The drafting subcommittee is chaired by John Smith and is made up of members of the Management Committee with a review panel of LCA Assessors and Management Committee members.

The Code of Conduct was originally created in 1999 and has incrementally evolved over the last twenty years.  The Service Delivery Standards were launched in 2010 and have undergone various updates as HSE guidance and British Standards have evolved.  

Over the years numerous additional documents have been created as part of membership requirements and to provide advice and guidance for members.  Although all documents have been updated as required individually; a full review has been desirable for some time. Please click this link to view the current LCA Standards.

The revised standards are now in their final draft format and are due to be presented to members over a series of webinars over the Autumn and Winter of 2020, details of these updates will be available on the LCA website.  

The new Service Delivery Standards and Code of Conduct will be applicable from the 1st of July 2021 and members will be expected to review their procedures accordingly. 

The aim of the review was to bring all aspects of the LCA’s documentation up to date with most current industry practice and continue to help improve standards among our members.