Revised Confidentiality Agreement and Committee Member and Assessor Rules of Conduct

November 2021

There is a revised confidentiality agreement being rolled out as member audits become due. This is designed to be an agreement between the LCA and the member, signed once and kept on file.  This is partly in response to the increasing need to share information as part of remote auditing.  It is also intended to streamline the assessors’ time and allow an efficient use of time at audit.

The rules regarding the conduct of the LCA management committee members and the LCA assessors have recently been updated and formalised.  These are published within the LCA website members’ area for reference. 

These rules are intended to reassure members that our role in examining their work at audit and discussion within the management committee is carried out fairly and without compromising members legitimate interests.  These rules of conduct for committee members and assessors also relate to the updated confidentiality agreement above.