Service Delivery Standards Part D

March 2022

Each of the LCA service delivery standards ends with a section on what to tell your customer.  These are specific to each service and are the sort of things that protect your interests as an LCA member and keep your client on the right side of the Law.  

Informing your customers of these elements of the service delivery standards are a requirement for LCA membership and most of our members achieve this with some standard phrases in a standard quotation template, terms and conditions, or similar.  

When you are reviewing your documentation, it might be useful to check that what you do complies with the LCA requirements under section D of the service delivery standards for each of the services you deliver.   Some members have already had actions from their recent audits to evolve their standard documents.  They found it useful to only make these changes once, particularly where they engaged third party software developers, to make the changes.
The requirements of LCA membership are for all staff members in an organisation; not just the person who delivers the service in the field.  It should be remembered that many of the aspects of delivering a safe and compliant service are the responsibility of salespeople, estimators, administrators, and other upstream staff before the work is undertaken.