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Tobyjen Limited

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Hot and Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services

Cleaning and Disinfection Services

 - Hot and Cold Water Systems Cleaning and Disinfection

Independent Consultancy Services

Legionella Monitoring Services

 - Sampling

 - Interpretation of Analysis

Plant and Equipment Services

 - Design and Supply

 - Installation

 - Servicing/maintenance

 - Refurbishment

Company Overview

Tobyjen is a family business committed to the prevention and control of waterborne pathogens (including legionella) in hot and cold water systems within hospital water systems. It is within this document that our operating procedure for compliance with the Code is detailed.

We specialise in monitoring and inspection, cleaning and disinfection, independent consultancy, laboratory analysis and plant and equipment services, specific to hot and cold water systems in both existing systems and proposed development work. We have been registered with the LCA for providing these services since 2012, although we have been established since 1989 and trading since 1990.

All work undertaken is for hospitals / healthcare trusts and is generally won through tenders. This can impact on the delivery on some of the Commitments as responsibilities are dictated by the client.

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